How it Works

         Basin Armor is a must have item for efficient paving and a quick cleanup. This steel cover is made of 3/16" galvanized metal preventing material and debris from entering into sewer basins during construction. In the past, any preventative measures to stop debris from falling into the basins, were installed BELOW the cover and inside the basin. Basin Armor sits on top and is held securely in place by a 1" steel pin, allowing paving to take place over it. Mobile around job sites with its foldable handle easily installed, quicker clean up and environmentally friendly. Basin Armor makes the construction process more efficient. It ELIMINATES the lengthy process of cleaning out a clogged basin at the end of a construction project.

Production does not stop which reduces setup and clean-up time saving nearly $40.00 per basin. Basin Armor will pay for itself in just two uses!
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